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Monday, August 24, A.D. 2009
Elegance with Eggs

As you may know, there is a new movie out called Julie & Julia. I actually want to see it, despite its target audience. I like the idea, I have heard good reviews, and I always support the encouragement of excellence and of the good life—which is what Julia Child represents in her own iconically American way. For she sought to bring real French cooking—and eating—to regular American women who wanted more than quick food for their families and themselves. You may consider it hyperbole, but I prefer to think of Child as a foot soldier in the culture war against the stifling, barbarous tastelessness that arrogantly marches under the banner of modernity, economic efficiency, and convenience.

Anyway, talk of Julia made me interested in seeing the woman in action. I found several videos of her online, including a full episode of The French Chef from A.D. 1964 on P.B.S. called “Elegance with Eggs.” Watch, cook, and eat; bon appétit. And memory eternal, Julia!

Posted by Joseph on Monday, August 24, Anno Domini 2009
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