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Wednesday, May 18, A.D. 2016
Dugin on the Election

Bonald from Throne and Altar recently reviewed The Fourth Political Theory by Alexander Dugin. He notes how Dugin adopts postmodern stances to advance his argument, which seems common among Russians. I wonder whether they are sincere or whether they are pulling the Left’s chain. Anyway, Bonald’s article reminded me of a video that I watched a few months ago. In March, I sent the link to my friend Andrew with the description:

Better than SNL; sublime at times (2:41 - 3:20 has some golden lines if you can’t watch the whole thing).
We live in a weird, weird time. I’m waiting to see President Camacho’s State of the Union on C-SPAN.


Comic genius—perhaps better than Colbert at his best—but is it intentionally so?

By the way, if you are woefully ignorant of President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, you really ought to watch Idiocracy. Here is the aforementioned State of the Union (rated R)—five hundred years in America’s dysgenic future:

Interestingly, the YouTube video is followed by one that compares Camacho to the Trumpenführer. We are all sharing a mass psychosis.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, May 18, Anno Domini 2016
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