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Wednesday, December 8, A.D. 2010

If you are an American who is concerned about the unraveling of our nation, immediately contact your representative and senators in Congress to urge them to vote no on the “DREAM Act.” I sent the following short, simple letter to my delegation yesterday:

Please vote against the DREAM Act tomorrow. Our immigration system is insane enough, and the United States should not reward the breaking of our laws. Indeed, children cannot answer for their parents’ actions, but some consequences of penalties for crime adversely affect the criminal’s family. A child is not responsible if his father is a thief or embezzler, but the financial situation of the family will suffer if the father is caught. That is sad, but any other system incentivises breaking the law. So, please vote against the DREAM Act that will work as backdoor amnesty; given our immigration rules, every DREAM Act instance of amnesty will bring the person’s entire family “out of the shadows.” Instead of this madness, immigration should be severely curtailed, as it stagnates the wages of the American lower classes and adversely affects the unity of the American people at a time when our society is increasingly less cohesive. Please do not contribute to the ethnic, cultural, and linguistic Balkanization of the nation.

Of course, Congress has not worried about the social cohesion of the American people for decades. Since America’s own cultural revolution, the political elite has incessantly undermined the American people. We may ask why? Some conservatives think that Leftists are simply anti-white and anti-American and wish to destroy all vestiges of traditional American society. That is quite possible. When you consider demons such as Tim Wise (find and read his “Open Letter to the White Right” for a taste of this all too common hernia of the spirit that plagues the pseudo intelligentsia of contemporary American Leftists), no amount of nihilism or hatred should be seen as beyond the pale of the traitorous Left.

There are other possibilities, though. The ever sensible Cassandra Goldman asked if the American people had become obsolete to the puppet masters of the Unites States of America, Inc. I responded thus:

Don’t the rich still need the masses over whom to lord? Perhaps, third world immigration—with the consequent new population that displaces the old one—simply makes it easier for the rich to keep the underlings in place. Or, if we swamp the country with mutually incompatible groups, they will be so busy dealing with interethnic strife that they will tolerate the elite’s abusing everyone else.

Steve Sailer mentioned how ethnic diversity leads to government corruption. People in competing ethnic groups tolerate bad governance and cronyism because they would rather stick by “one of their own” than fail to support him and risk losing influence to another tribe’s top guy . . . along the lines of Johnson’s “at least, he is our son of a bitch.” The elites manage to stay in power by appearing to represent their relative group, while the system truly only benefits the elites.

I think that Sailer might be correct, though it does smack of conspiracy. It is just difficult to accept that the powerful forces are all so committed to such an asinine ideology. Narrow self interest might be repulsive, but at least it is intelligible.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, December 8, Anno Domini 2010
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