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Monday, November 26, A.D. 2012
Donna the Deer Lady

Over the weekend, my brother Adam accidentally struck a deer while returning from work at night. I know how difficult such an event can be because I killed a young buck in Shenandoah eight years ago. The poor creature jumped from a ditch by a small bridge and hit the corner of my vehicle. He staggered about fifty feet before he collapsed, apparently from brain damage. I inspected his lifeless body and found no visible trauma. It was awful. He was the only mammal that I have ever caused to die. I have also hit a low flying bird on the highway in the Sonoma Valley, and I crushed a toad with a garage door—both unintentionally. I only ever aim to kill “enemy species” among insects such as mosquitoes, house flies, scale insects, and pest cockroaches. Even then, I sometimes feel remorse—but usually I just relish sweet revenge.

Anyway, Adam’s incident reminds me to post an ever memorable Y94 radio segment with Donna from Fargo:

It is understandable to doubt Donna’s sincerity. If the call is a hoax, it is brilliant comedy. Fortunately (for us smirkers, though perhaps not for the gene pool), Donna seems to be legit based on my internet sleuthing. Moreover, I think that we can all think of several episodes involving ourselves and those whom we know where gaps in “common knowledge” are glaring. Stupidity happens to us all at times, and this was Donna’s moment.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, November 26, Anno Domini 2012
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