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Friday, October 18, A.D. 2013
Dog Freaks

Last month, I read a funny but disturbing article in the New York Daily News regarding the change in New York state law that allows the burial of human remains in pet cemeteries. It includes the following passage, along with a photo of the lady mentioned with her “son”:

Pet lovers are notoriously devoted to their animals and most of the people interviewed by the Daily News as they walked their dogs in Central Park Friday were open to the idea of spending the end of days with man’s best friend.

“I want some of my ashes to be fed to my dog, like mixed up with his food or something,” said Kerry Vera, 33, of Harlem.

Vera says her 1-year-old Chihuahua, Krishna, is the world’s smallest Ru Paul impersonator.

She noted that the pooch performs in local clubs as “Ru Small” and is a beloved member of her family.

“He’s my son,” she said.

“I want some of my ashes to be fed to my dog, like mixed up with his food or something.” As I noted in “Blind Kellar” yesterday, I love dogs. But there are limits, people! Limits!

Andrew responded to my message about the article, “I read your summary of this first, and thought, ‘What kind of woman would talk like that?’ Then I saw the picture, and suddenly it all made sense.”

Posted by Joseph on Friday, October 18, Anno Domini 2013
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