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Thursday, September 10, A.D. 2009
Do You Pledge?

A Utah public elementary school recently showed the following video to its students, and now the children’s parents are outraged. I suppose that the Alien-in-Chief’s antics of late have caused the masses to start paying attention. Maybe, there is something to this talk of hope and change. Perhaps, these same parents will start to realize how Leftist indoctrination is not a rare incident but rather the principal impulse in the American educational establishment.

The video is pretty standard; it features celebrities’ supporting their pet causes and righteous lifestyle goals. Some of it is commendable, while most is the usual, harmless exhortations to be less wasteful. One woman, however, pushes for (embryonic, we might assume) stem cell research, which I found nauseating. How is such a wretched practice held up as a noble goal for mankind? Even if one does not believe that human embryos deserve legal protection, one should at least acknowledge that those who oppose such research or its public funding do so for commendable reasons—namely, they believe that embryos are human beings worth defending. Yet, somehow, the Left has managed to turn the unprincipled exploitation of human life into a movement for social justice [sic].

The whole video is just silly. How unserious and ridiculous a society we have, where we endow actors and athletes with moral authority and political wisdom. Again, such a regime does not deserve to last. Unless American society grows up, our country won’t survive. And who will lament its passing?

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, September 10, Anno Domini 2009
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