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Tuesday, March 9, A.D. 2010
Do You Know for Whom the Cat Meows?

The Daily Telegraph had a story last month about a cat who uncannily predicts the death of residents in a nursing home: “Cat predicts 50 deaths in RI nursing home.” You may read about Oscar, which further shows just how fascinating the critters around us really are.

Furthermore, the story reinforces my view that while dogs bring joy, friendship, and unending loyalty to man, cats simply bring the grim reaper! It is for this reason that we label a dog Canis familiaris—the family dog, while a cat is merely Felis domestica—only a house cat. It lives in the house, but it is not part of the household.

(Yeah, yeah, Linnaeus gives Felis catus, but that is an inconvenient fact to my point! Felis domestica is widely used, too.)

Seriously, I admire both dogs and cats, though my heart is more oriented toward dogs. They are social like us. They are concerned with the common good of the pack, the practical result of which is that they defer to the established order of the pack, and, unlike cats, they quickly acknowledge their betters. Still, retractable claws, amazing eyes, and the ability to discern impending doom are rather remarkable traits.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, March 9, Anno Domini 2010
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