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Thursday, February 25, A.D. 2016
Differentiated Instruction

School humor continues today with a “Differentiated Instruction” xtra normal video by Teachbad:

The video has some great lines, which are, it pains me to admit, not very exaggerated . . . with echoes of Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences. So what if we already have clear and sensible terms like gregarious, creative, empathetic, and so on to describe various human personality assets? I certainly agree with the criticism of cookie cutter education; people do have divers gifts and respond differently to various pedagogical methods. Yet, the American educational establishment corrupts this insight by using it to bolster its fanatical commitment to human equality. As such, everyone gets to be intelligent. I suppose that we can also be cerebrally athletic or conceptually social. Egalitarianism should embarrass its adherents.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, February 25, Anno Domini 2016
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