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Sunday, January 4, A.D. 2009
David and the Gnomes

On the occasion of my brother Adam’s birthday, I would like nostalgically to revisit David the Gnome, which I would watch with Adam long ago. The Spanish cartoon was based on Wil Huygen’s children’s books. You can learn about David, Lisa, and his merry company on Faber’s fan page and on Wikipedia.

Here is the pilot episode, “Good Medicine,” which incidentally aired on my brother’s birthday:

Though a bit heavy on eco-worshiping leftist drivel, I really like the cartoon. I have a proclivity for woodland paganism in general, and the simple but fantastic elements in the show are quite fun. David frequently explains the gnome way of doing things, and mythical anthropology always fascinates me. Moreover, the cartoon stays truer to the spirit of its inspiration than I would have expected. For example, David and Lisa turn into trees at the end.

Imagine what Disney would have done . . .

Posted by Joseph on Sunday, January 4, Anno Domini 2009
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