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Tuesday, March 31, A.D. 2009
Daniel Hannan

I am no fan of the European Union or of its politics, but I wish to share a speech by English M.E.P. Daniel Hannan at the European Parliament last week. In it, Mr. Hannan responds to the preceding speech about the current financial crisis by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Hannan gives us a superb three minutes of political excoriation. “Brezhnev era aparatchnik” may be my favorite part. We rarely witness political rhetoric like that now, especially in legislative bodies. I admit that, for a moment, I even pitied Brown a bit, but then he certainly deserves the rubbing. How unjust he must find the world; he has to suffer the consequences of Labour’s malfeasance while Blair waltzes around with the diplomatic jet set. If only the United Kingdom had decent alternatives . . .

You can read Daniel Hannan’s articles on the Daily Telegraph’s blog site. It is good to know that some Tories still have spirit in Cameron’s kennel club of Corgis.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, March 31, Anno Domini 2009
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