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Tuesday, October 5, A.D. 2010
Council Member Harridan

The following city council proceedings from Vancouver City, Washington present the world with a Pacific Northwest version of Monica Conyers’ insanity in Detroit (see “Motor City Blues” for Conyers’ antics). The council meeting looks like a comedy sketch with stock characters and stock lines. The head of the council is a weasely pushover to officious Jeanne Harris, who seems to have perfectly fit the casting call for a neurotic, power tripping bitch. Really, it must be seen to be believed. [The original video has been removed. In its place is a news story about the incident.]

Now, to be fair to Mrs. Harris, I must say that I listened to a radio program that aired after this event on which Mrs. Harris apologized for her behavior, stating that she had never acted that way before in all her years of serving on the council. Sometimes, there are just those days. I feel sorry for Mrs. Harris if she is a generally responsible civic leader whose public service nadir on one particular evening became a viral internet hit. It is pretty rotten to have the world learn about you from watching your worst moments. If, on the other hand, she always acts like a self important local politician, she richly deserves her humiliation. Either way, it makes for some entertaining moments.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, October 5, Anno Domini 2010
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