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Monday, May 7, A.D. 2012
Coulter on Hollywood

Kristus vstal z mrtvých!

The Hollywood Reporter recently published an interview with Lady Ann, wherein Coulter notes the obvious—that Law & Order and similar trash reveal the fevered imagination of leftist Tinseltown: “Hollywood & Politics: Ann Coulter on Why America Hates Hollywood.”

Southerners are dumb hicks, presumptively Klanners. Residents of small towns are narrow-minded xenophobes, presumptively Klanners. Christians are hypocrites and anti-everything (even dancing!), presumptively Klanners. Businessmen are cheating, soulless vermin, presumptively Klanners (unless they are in a Hollywood-approved business like making solar panels). And Connecticut WASPs are dull, sexually neurotic snobs who beat their wives and molest their daughters. Presumptively Klanners.

Hollywood’s heroes are just as odd. Moviegoers flocked to a film about a prostitute who was not only gorgeous and charming but disease-free because they wanted to see a Cinderella story. We know Pretty Woman‘s winsome streetwalker was as plausible as a talking bear, except we’ve always wanted to see a talking bear. . . .

Out in America, the country is fairly bristling with crosses and American flags, but in the Hollywood oeuvre, those symbols appear rarely, and when they do, they generally show up as signifiers of White Supremacists or child-molesting Connecticut WASPs. In real life, there are a lot more girls wearing cross necklaces than teenagers with Che Guevara posters in their rooms, a peculiar staple of Hollywood movies.

In the remake of Cape Fear, the psychotic killer, Max Cady, was recast as a Christian fundamentalist, sporting biblical tattoos and constantly reeling off scriptural verses. Other than the raping and murdering part, the person in real life he most resembles is Tim Tebow.

Is that what Hollywood thinks of Tebow? And why is there never a character like Tebow in any movie or TV show? Never, ever, ever. . . .

Let me give you the plots of two true crime episodes I recently watched, back-to-back, on ID TV. The show was titled Unusual Suspects—“unusual” only if it were a Hollywood production. In the first, a woman was raped at home, stabbed through the heart and her house set on fire. The police looked at suspicious white guys in her life. Then, in the last five minutes of the show, DNA proved that her rapist/murderer was a Hispanic who wanted to have sex with a virgin. In the second, a married couple and their son were stabbed to death in their sleep. Various white guys were arrested, but all were let go when their DNA didn’t match or they had airtight alibis. Then it turned out to be a random Hispanic kid who committed the murders as a gang initiation.

In other words, the exact opposite of a Law & Order plot. I like watching beautiful rich people with fabulous Manhattan apartments killing one another as much as anyone. Maybe more. But why do ALL the wealthy white people, Christians, Southerners or WASPS in these scripts have to be racist, misogynist snobs? Whatever happened to diversity? Hollywood learned to stop stereotyping black characters. Can’t it learn to stop stereotyping the rest of America?

Writer Ben Shapiro has an interview with John Langley of Cops in his book Primetime Propaganda. Langley takes offense that critics accuse Cops of perpetuating stereotypes, whereas Langley admits that he intentionally has the show cover more white criminals than black or hispanic criminals because he does not wish to confirm the public’s opinions on the “color of crime”—which happen to be based on facts rather than leftwing fancies.

Coulter’s examples, Shapiro’s book, and Bernand Goldberg‘s work list a small fraction of examples of Hollywood’s leftwing ideology—a rather target rich environment. Yet, your typical shopper at Trader Joe’s refuses to see it. Such a man still feels shame when he see decades old movies’ portraying terrorists as Mohammedans or drug cartels as hispanics—you know, the groups statistically overrepresented in such real world activities. For leftist consumers of pop culture, the silver screen is always one accurate portrayal away from The Birth of a Nation.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, May 7, Anno Domini 2012
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