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Tuesday, February 28, A.D. 2012
Copts in Crisis

I hope that everyone is having a beneficial lenten season so far.

Last month, Robert Spencer published an article about the current troubles that the Copts are facing in democratic Egypt: “Requiem for the Third See of Christendom.” Spencer provides a brief history of the Alexandrine Church with some attention shown to the christological controversy that separates the Copts and the other non-Chalcedonian Christians from the Orthodox and from Rome.

Life in dhimmitude is always precarious. Foolish Westerners ought to consider the Copts; for the same fate may await Brits, Frenchies, Scandinavians, and Germans one day. The Hebrew scriptures offer many precedent situations wherein people who once followed God were delivered to enemies as a result of their apostasy. We should take heed.

May the Copts reclaim their freedom, may they convert their fellow Egyptians, and may they return to the Church in fulness.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, February 28, Anno Domini 2012
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