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Tuesday, January 26, A.D. 2010
Comic Sans

I am a fan of fonts, though I am obviously an amateur in the realm of typology when compared to some:

Are you enraged by these new fangled fonts? You may then wish to visit Ban Comic Sans to enlist in their crusade.

Alternatively, you may be interested in the documentary Helvetica, which examines that heartless typeface.

I actually dislike all sans serif fonts, though I suppose that Helvetica is less mind numbing than Arial. Seriously, who enjoys the minimalist, atheistic, hellish nothingness of Arial? We can all agree, I hope, that only Satan and his minions would inspire such a nihilistic font. It is the typological equivalent of grunting and pointing—conveying only the absolutely necessary without any regard to style, beauty, or, as the fellow in the video above notes, propriety for a given setting. Its deluded partisans may claim that it is clean, neat, and tidy, but their uncluttered utopia betrays the desert of their soul.

If you think that I am overreacting, just meet the anti-papyrites at I ♥ Papyrus and Papyrus Watch. The next thing you know, they’ll foment pogroms in the print shop.

I do understand font passion. I just wish that the various browsers displayed fonts the same. I have designed my pages according to how they look in Internet Explorer, as more people use Microsoft’s browser. However, it seems that the web elite (i.e. geeks) prefer Firefox. So, I wish that I could figure out how to make the site pleasant looking in both browsers. For I hate the way my page fonts look in FireFox; they assault the eyes and are hard to read. Any ideas?

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, January 26, Anno Domini 2010
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