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Wednesday, April 8, A.D. 2009

Fans of Sid Meier’s games surely know his Civilization type classic from A.D. 1994, Colonization. In the game, you play the leader of Spanish, English, Dutch, or French colonists, and you attempt to build up prosperous colonies in the Americas. Eventually, you declare independence from your mother country and defend your rebellious colonies in a defensive war against your homeland’s armies and navies. The game play is quite open, and you can choose the strategy that you wish to pursue with respect to the indigenous natives, other European powers, trade, economic development, and military decisions.

You can download the game and its manual for free on Abandonia. You may play it on Windows with the virtual DOS program DOSBox. I explain how to use DOSBox in my post on Abandonia. Enjoy.

Meier updated and re-released the game last year as Civilization IV: Colonization.

You can also visit a fan site with much information about the game—the aptly named Colonization Fans.

For a laugh, you may wish to read gamer Robert Foreman’s “postcolonial literary theory deconstruction” of Colonization on Gameology. Foreman’s abstract gives you a foretaste:

Ultimately, it seems that Sid Meier’s creation is an ideal simulation of colonization, a game that by placing its player in the seat of a colonist leads him to think explicitly like a conqueror, with all of the greed and bloodthirstiness this entails.

Do not forget to read the posted comments. All in all, the exercise demonstrates the self-destructive power of Leftism, but the absurd po-mo idiocy offers some potential for Schadenfreude humor. It is too bad that such foolishness is allowed to fester in the comforts of a civilization to which it offers no support—only intellectual sabotage. Leftism is the ultimate spiritual parasite.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, April 8, Anno Domini 2009
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