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Sunday, November 7, A.D. 2010
Colbert and the Creed

I just came across this Colbert Report clip last week, and it is somewhat remarkable. Who but Stephen Colbert could integrate the first part of the Nicene Creed into a comedic political commentary?

While Colbert is a man left of center who parodies as a populist right winger, he remains a sincere Roman Catholic. He interestingly incorporates religion into much of what he does—somewhat surreptitiously. I think that he presents his own form of evangelization for the hordes of lost youth who watch his show. The “Symbol-Minded” segment could be dismissed as simply Colbert’s criticism of Scalia’s position or even lighthearted mockery of the faith. Yet, he manages to convey the creed and to defend the integrity of the cross without alienating his viewers, who are likely disproportionately non-Christian, agnostic, atheistic, or simply apathetic. Sowing seeds, man.

Posted by Joseph on Sunday, November 7, Anno Domini 2010
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