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Tuesday, June 29, A.D. 2010
Civic Songs for Nurturing Jihad

The Middle East Media Research Institute has many hours of Middle Eastern craziness that you can watch, and I highly recommend it as a window through which we can readily see that they are not like us—quite a difficult realization for Americans nursed on the ideals of tolerance, multiculturalism, and pacifism. However, I found the following relatively mild music video on YouTube through a link from another site—perhaps N.R.O. It is relatively mild because it does not call outright for the slaughter of Jews, unlike much children’s programming in the Arab world.

As a side note, the first little girl who prays (at 2:09) looks like my mother when she was a child. I do not know if my mother ever prayed, “O Allah, take revenge for us.” I would not put it past her, but I still doubt it.

Also, the man looks like Teddy from The Adventures of Pete and Pete. Did Theodore L. Forzman grow up to sing jihadist children’s songs? If it happened to honey tongued Cat Stevens (apostate Steven Demetre Georgiou), it could happen to anyone.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, June 29, Anno Domini 2010
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