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Sunday, April 26, A.D. 2009
Church Sign Debate

Here is some sacrilicious humor for you on the Lord’s day. Using the church_sign_generator or some such site, someone created a humorous series of pictures that are supposed to constitute a “church sign” debate between the Roman Catholic and Presbyterian churches of an American town. I received the photographs in an e-mail, but I also found them at The Real Democratic Party. I really enjoyed them; I hope that you do so, too.

On a serious note, I doubt that the Romans would hold such a position—after Thomas Aquinas and Latin Aristotelianism. Though, of late, perhaps Fransciscan sentimentality has gained the upper hand among American papists.

Heaven is not an easy topic for my mind to handle. However, if there is a heaven, I should generally expect the dogs more than the humans that I have known to make it there.

Posted by Joseph on Sunday, April 26, Anno Domini 2009
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