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Monday, April 16, A.D. 2012
Христос Воскресе

Христос воскресе!

I wish everyone a joyous feast of the Resurrection. May your Paschatide be full of happiness and wonder.

I always enjoy seeing how the Western media cover “our” holidays. Russia Today is not fully Western, but it is geared toward non-Russians and it employs many Westerners. Here is the news segment about the celebration at Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow.

In Jerusalem, they’re a bit crazier, naturally:

Here is another video about the Holy Fire:

You may also watch the celebration in Beit Jala, which we visited last year on our way to Bethlehem, and in Ramallah, through which we passed on the way to Jericho. The latter story is on an Iranian site. I find the political propaganda interesting.

Lastly, you may wish to see how the Eritreans celebrate the feast.

RIA Novosti also has some nice photographs from Christ the Savior.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, April 16, Anno Domini 2012
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