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Tuesday, January 6, A.D. 2015
Christmas Greetings from Benjamin Netanyahu

As the Christmas season comes to an end for Western Christians and is about to begin for Eastern Christians, I wish everyone a joyous Nativity.

In that spirit, I offer the following Christmas message for this year from the Israeli prime minister:

Isn’t interesting that the nationalist Jewish leader of the Jewish State finds it appropriate to wish Christians in Israel and throughout the world a merry Christmas, but many supposedly Christian politicians in the United States consider such a gesture of good will “divisive” and “alienating”? Of course, the Prime Minister has political reasons for his well wishes. What, I wonder, are the political reasons of the aforementioned American Christians who refuse to celebrate the birth of our Lord publically? Their ways are indeed inscrutable.

Merry Christmas!

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, January 6, Anno Domini 2015
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