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Thursday, March 10, A.D. 2011
Chinese Goldfish Magician

Last month, I watched a remarkable magic act that was aired on Chinese television in celebration of the new year (go rabbit!). This guy is good:

Evidently, animal rights groups were outraged by the act and wanted to make it illegal. Some critics thought that the magician had inserted magnets into the fish. For the record, I love goldfish and have several in a backyard pond—all named after famous Englishmen, by the way. Nonetheless, I think that calls to ban goldfish magic acts such as these are crazy. The fish were not thrown into blenders or mutilated. The magician might not have used magnets; the fish appear to swim rather than to be dragged, though the movement is jerky at times. Besides, how dangerous are magnets? People tag animals all the time to track them. Is this act so different? Regardless, it is an extraordinary trick. Kudos to the Chinese who are showing themselves to be what Europeans and Americans were in the recent past . . . a confident, creative people willing to dare and to wow. Now, if they would only throw off the rest of Chairman Mao’s chains . . .

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, March 10, Anno Domini 2011
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