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Tuesday, January 27, A.D. 2015

I have often noted that I have a taste for the absurd. Perhaps, I am like the decadent dadaists who lost all faith in their civilization—or, more likely, I never quite matured from relishing an adolescent appreciation of bold idiocy. I usually find lowbrow entertainment annoying or distasteful—unless it is brazenly, unapologetically lowbrow. Then, I tend to love it—in all its campy, grade school level silly splendor.

I have recently discovered a television advertisement that drives my family bonkers. They despise it. By contrast, the ad excites much hilarity in my bosom. Courtesy of the beloved moron (or evil genius) who markets for Value City Furniture:

It’s a darling thing.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, January 27, Anno Domini 2015
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