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Friday, October 2, A.D. 2009
Celebrity Public Service Announcement

American conservatives have been behind the curve when it comes to trendy humor and popular culture, but such has been changing over the last few decades. Mike Judge, David Zucker, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone are not exactly poster boys for the Right, but they have become personae non gratae among Leftists as they mock the idioctic pieties and assumptions of the Left. Andrew Brietbart and his Big Hollywood pals understand the propaganda power of low and mid brow entertainment, and they want conservatives to intrude the Left’s privileged echoe chambers of mass culture.

You can see this anti-Left pop emergence in the “new media,” such as YouTube. Here is a funny video about celebrities’ campaigns for Obamacare.

It has some good lines. I like especially, “Stop thinking for yourself for once,” and “How else will our children learn that they’re entitled to other people’s money?”

Never underestimate the power of humor; it was a conservative weapon long before subversive social radicals appropriated it. How is that?


Posted by Joseph on Friday, October 2, Anno Domini 2009
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