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Thursday, July 11, A.D. 2013

I have meant to write a commentary on Kristor’s Orthosphere post, “What Is It Like to Be Eternal?,” for half a year. However, there is nothing worthwhile that I may add without sounding redundant or sycophantic. Make sure to read the comments, especially Kristor’s response to Bill.

I forwarded the post to my very own personal Socrates—Andrew—back in January, and he noted that Kristor’s argument rests upon the assumption that observed causal relationships are real rather than mere attempts of the human mind to construct an intelligible order from meaningless phenomena. Yet, such a nihilistic skepticism incurs a sharp, fatal retort, as do all such arguments for the unintelligibility of the world. For how may one rationally explain—not to mention defend—the unintelligibility of the world? See Andrew’s comment in “Maverick Retortion” for details.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, July 11, Anno Domini 2013
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