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Monday, June 9, A.D. 2014
Caucasian Campers

Happy feast of the Holy Spirit!

I have been absent for weeks, and I shall likely not resume normal posting for some time. However, I want to wish everyone a pleasant summer and safe vacationing.

Suitable to the occasion is an article from The Daily Telegraph about “Camping in the Caucasus.” Ignore the political commentary and enjoy the rest. A humorous section that I find rather accurate:

Yet over the course of the week, everyone we met on the trail – maybe two groups of three or four hikers a day – offered us something to eat or drink. Russians can seem unfriendly, and rarely ask any questions (a Greek will have details of your divorce out of you in five minutes). But they are often generous. My menfolk had never been to Russia before, and all three expressed surprise at the welcome we experienced in the Caucasus.

Happy travels!

Posted by Joseph on Monday, June 9, Anno Domini 2014
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