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Wednesday, September 19, A.D. 2012
Carlin on Child Worship

George Carlin may have been a vulgar belittler of Western culture, an unrepentant secular atheist, and a quasi-Marxist, but he nonetheless was a keen observer of society. Even with his misplaced principles and blindspots, he often delievered good sense. As I remarked in “Franchesca Ramsey,” contemporary comedians mostly follow the non-comedic Euripides in their mordant social commentary. In the following video, Carlin rightly criticizes the Anglophone world’s perverse regime where, as the French note, “l’enfant est roi.” (rated R)

Carlin also attacks the wickedness of the social climbing, technocratic bourgeois (oddly, while simultaneously being egalitarian and anti-bourgeois), postmodern, self-esteem boosting, feminized Left and its delusions about human beings and child rearing.

It may be of interest to you to know that Carlin had two successful marriages, which is extraordinary among American celebrities. He married Brenda Hosbrook (of Dayton, Ohio) in A.D. 1961 when they were twenty-four years old, and they remained married until her death in A.D. 1997. One year later, he married Sally Wade, and their marriage lasted until his death ten years later.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, September 19, Anno Domini 2012
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