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Friday, July 15, A.D. 2011

Auster showcased a remarkable video this week of Buzz Aldrin’s manly response to a badgering moron: “A lunar traveler deals with a lunatic.” A crazed conspiracy theorist pestered Aldrin for sometime before he called the national (and international) hero a coward and a liar. After that, the elderly astronaut elevated his response to the jerk.

Normally, I strongly disapprove of bodily violence in response to name calling, but I feel that Mr. Moon’s punch was well deserved by Mr. Idiot. Perhaps, I account a greater dignity to Mr. Aldrin due to his character, accomplishments, and age. Therefore, when an ostensibly inferior fool insults him so, the injustice of the taunt is greater than normal verbal abuse by a stranger. So, the appropriate retaliation may exceed verbal boundaries. I doubt that our laws agree; for we do not live in an honorable regime. Nonetheless, no charges were filed. Cheers for the local authorities!

My favorite recent YouTube comment: “Nine people have been sucker-punched by Buzz Aldrin” in response to the nine people who had chosen “dislike” for the video. Commenting on the number of dislikes is a theme on YouTube, and I often find those comments rather entertaining.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, July 15, Anno Domini 2011
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