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Monday, October 6, A.D. 2008
Business Is Good

In this realm, I’ll review products and services from the commercial sector. The links or “blogroll” on the left are to various companies from around the world.

I am very fond of small business, and I frequently spend my money at “mom and pop” establishments. However, I also admire success stories and tremendous displays of commercial power. So, even as Walmart makes every American small town another nest to lay its spiderlings, the part of my soul that enjoys the scene of a mighty army conquering everything in its path smiles a bit at its display of raw capitalist power. Moreover, excellence in commerce means many things, including making available the demanded goods to a given market in as an efficient manner as possible. “The Walmart” achieves this remarkably in making available inexpensive products to the American masses at the lowest cost. Read defenses of Walmart by Jay Nordlinger and Rich Lowry.

The companies linked on the left and others to be reviewed later make my list by their similarly admirable commercial success. Their place here is due to one or more of the following: commercial success, great products and services, iconic status in American or global commerce, uniqueness, and responsible commercial practices (a deserved toss to the Lefties). I also emphasize the superb companies from Cincinnati.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, October 6, Anno Domini 2008
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