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Thursday, March 14, A.D. 2013
Buckeye Arcade Halftime

Though I am an Ohioan, I have never been to an O.S.U. game, and I have never been a fan. As noted in “Cincinnati Yesteryear,” denizens of the Queen City find their identity in the polis, not the State. I did have an Ohio State Buckeyes sweatshirt when I was in elementary school, but that is because I fancied the buckeye and leaf design. However, after I watched the following clip, I want to make hajj to the Horseshoe. For I have never seen a more entertaining halftime show. Here is the Buckeyes’ tribute to video game history:

Who would have thought that music dorks would celebrate gaming geeks in the holy temple of American jockdom?

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, March 14, Anno Domini 2013
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