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Thursday, July 7, A.D. 2011
Broccoli Hall and the Pond from Hell

During the spring of last year, I made a few ponds for my backyard. My family helped, and we were ultimately successful. There were some unfortunate moments. Many of them. However, our tales of woe are nothing when compared to the nightmare story related on Koiphen: “The 300,000 gal. mud pond challenge” Reading it made me count my blessings. I marvelled at the persistance of “Koigrl,” and I also wondered how wealthy must one be to fight such a good fight.

I discovered that Koigrl is novelist Maxine Paetro. She lives in upstate New York on a lovely piece of land featured on the Garden Conservancy. I do not know if Paetro founded her estate, but it carries the whimsical name Broccoli Hall. Check out photographer Jennifer May‘s shots of the gardens.

I do not know what Maestro’s books are like, but the woman knows how to use her fortune well. Her gardens are fantastic, and she is a serious breeder of koi. She reminds me of the talent, creativity, and well roundedness one often finds among Britain’s aristocratic classes. American plutocrats do not generally seem to be as thoughful with the luxuries of leisure, though I am glad to know that some rich folks continue to use their money to make the land and the nation more interesting.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, July 7, Anno Domini 2011
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