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Friday, January 15, A.D. 2010

I discovered last week that someone has made the drink featured in Mike Judge’s Idiocracy: Brawndo. If you have never seen Idiocracy, you might enjoy its crass satire as it mocks our lowbrow, trashy mass culture. My favorite part of the movie involves Brawndo, when it features a hilarious parody of moronic ratiocination.

I do not expect the drink to be good, but I found the cheap commercials on the Brawndo web site rather smirk inducing. They are a filthy celebration of the stupid (rated PG-13).

And yet another commercial for Brawndo, the Thirst Mutilator:

Here is the last one—truly a drink fit for the audience of Jackass.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, January 15, Anno Domini 2010
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