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Wednesday, June 23, A.D. 2010
Boozette the Anglican Priestess

What else could the Episcopal “Church” U.S.A. do to make themselves more bizarre and repellent? After their rejection of Christian morality, after their communion services for dogs, and after their transformation into the religious version of the Bravo channel, what else might we expect of the spiritual descendents of Cranmer, Whitefield, and Mackonochie?

If the Anglicans had anything going for them, they had good taste and discretion. The Episcopalian sect in America has lost its good manners and mongrelized into a prayer gathering for self congratulatory leftists who think highly of their brave transgressiveness of traditional forms. Their Protestantization has become complete, and with that, the good humored, open minded, and beautiful W.A.S.P.‘s that made America have at last become ugly and ridiculous. As in an old fairy tale, there is a painful twist of justice in the story.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, June 23, Anno Domini 2010
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