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Wednesday, November 26, A.D. 2008

Yesterday, we went to see Disney’s charming new movie, Bolt, down on the Levee. One of Andrew’s pop culture guru friends recommended it, and I decided to give it a chance. It was surprisingly good—entertaining, funny, and warm-hearted without being saccharine. Maybe, some folks at Disney learnt a few things over the years from their relationship with Pixar.

If you are a dog lover, you will love the movie. It speaks the language, so to speak.

I was also pleased that a significant little portion of the movie takes place in my home State of Ohio. Indeed, I would say that several sequences in Bolt are patriotic—as our new Homeward Bound gang travels across the continent, we Americans watch something of a pride parade of our land and traditions.

There is a smattering of kiddy pop candy throughout the film but mainly in the opening sequence, especially with references to Inspector Gadget (Penny! Couldn’t they at least have made her Peggy?). Geeks and lovers of all things heroic will find the hamster rather amusing, but in that slightly embarrassing and shaming Seinfeld sort of way—when, against our wishes, we realize that there is a little George in us all.

One small element in the film that I appreciated a lot was the pigeons. The realness of the pigeons’ movement and mannerisms shocked and delighted me—one of the ancient formulae for comedy, and Bolt‘s pigeons pull it off well. Of course, such lifelike depictions will become commonplace, and future generations will no longer “get” it in the same way; no one gasped after 1939 when red shoes appeared on the silver screen. Nonetheless, I loved the pigeons. I also liked how the three sets of pigeons stereotypify New Yorkers, Angelenos, and Southerners—wonderful.

So, if you have not yet seen it and if you are not currently boycotting Disney for one reason or another, take the family to see Bolt. You’ll enjoy it.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, November 26, Anno Domini 2008
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