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Tuesday, October 26, A.D. 2010
Best Candidate for Office

The general election will occur one week from now, and the nation currently suffers political overdose. I am returning home to vote, and I look forward to watching the results on Tuesday evening.

For now, however, allow me to introduce the most compelling candidate that I have witnessed in some time—Sandra Queen Noble, Ph.D., of the Hero-Shero Party, who is running against Eleanor Holmes Norton to be the non-voting D.C. delegate to Congress: “Norton Challenger Seeks $994 Trillion in Lawsuit.” Yes, you read that figure correctly.

I most appreciate when the interviewer asks Queen Noble about her sash. Her diction leaves me speechless.

Of course, I only support Queen Noble because she is another of my kind—a Cincinnatian who happens to be in captivity in D.C. Queen Noble has a political history in the Queen City, where her mother was the “Queen of the Gospel Travelers.” Five years ago, Queen Noble ran to be mayor of Cincinnati; look at her SmartVoter page, where it notes that the Walnut Hills native was educated by George Wallace and Jim Crow. Ponder her answers to the League of Women Voters’ questions as well as her position papers:

What are your qualifications for office?

Currently a presidential candidate running for the Mayor of Cincinnati 3 times candidate for President 5 times for City Mayor Candidate Congress and City Council Candidate once

What plans do you have to address your top three priorities?

Power and compassion; the right to protect children; when you take from the land of native people respect the people of the land you take from.

America is a Stolen Country

“America” is a stolen Country byway of London England . The German culture is murder, theft, child abuse, mental illness, suicide, genocide at which time to date is also guilty of monopoly of ill gotten gain by way of poor quality unequal health education, well-being, housing, transportation, communications, parks, recreation, justice, law enforcement and clean environments aided and abet by inferior blacks and those calling themselves minorities, the racist culture gave birth to profanity

Recycling means much more than civil service

Recycling means much more than civil service collection of trash in a German ghetto or Indian reservations injustice

Working in your Best Interest

Thank you for the opportunity to work in your best interest. As a candidate for mayor in this 17th state it is very official to inform you that freedom is born to any and all life on earth freedom should not be given to those who cause harm to themselves and others i.e. US Government at present support the taking of children from the homes and of loving parents. Ghetto and drug afflictions throughout communities in Cincinnati and nation wide against the best interest of the public.

It is clear that her majesty harbors ill will toward her Teutonic townsmen. Needless to say, then, she lost the mayoral race. Even 98 Degrees’ Justin Jeffre earned more votes than the Queen’s 121 votes.

If you have never been to Cincinnati, let me tell you that we inhabit a very regal urban area. There are many queens like Noble. There is no doubt as to who has a royal pedigree; these well born types are quick to remind you. Sometimes, you can read about their queenliness on their shirts, “booty blurbs,” and cars. You can see crowns and flashy golden accoutrements laden on such esteemed persons’ carriages and in their estate windows, as well.

Given the electorate in D.C., I would say that Queen Noble has a chance. After all, there is no shortage of queens in the district’s wards, either. After all, is what it is; this is what is it.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, October 26, Anno Domini 2010
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