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Friday, June 24, A.D. 2011

In her latest National Review column, Katherine Lopez Jones interprets Michele Bachmann’s candidacy through her John Paul II tinted “New Feminism” glasses : “Michele, New-Feminist Belle.” The article mentions a factor that may play a significant part in Bachmann’s candidacy—that Bachmann seems like one of the normal, respectable women that we know in our own lives. Politicians in democratic societies often play to the peanut gallery. Remember George H.W. Bush’s pork rinds or Al Gore’s laughable attempt to appear like a farm boy from Tennessee? Such pandering is demeaning, but that is not what is attractive about Bachmann. Rather, she seems like “one of us” because it appears that she is rooting for “our team.” That quality is what attracts people to Sarah Palin, too. Mama Grizzly does not have the necessary qualifications to be president, but neither does the current occupant of the White House. Yet, Leftists despise Palin while deifying Obama. For he is on “their team,” but they are used to having leaders on “their team.” We conservative Americans do not enjoy such a state. We suspect that the vast majority of the fellows whom we elect are crooked pols who, at best, pad their wallets and, at worst, conspire with the opposition to dispossess the white, Christian middle class even more. Bachmann, by contrast, seems like one of those sensible women at the township meeting who is more educated and more successful than everyone else but still very much part of the neighborhood, with the same values and goals as her townsmen. She does not appear to be one of the ivory tower, gated community types who wants to rule the alienated masses from afar.

Due to their own individualist ideology, mainstream conservative pundits decried the Left’s accusations of racism and tribalism against the Tea Party. Yet, those Leftists are partially correct. The Tea Party and Palin phenomena have an undercurrent of Old America’s slowly waking up to the relentless cold war that has been being waged upon it for decades. There is a racial aspect to that story, though it is not a racist one. For the Left, however, it is racist for white Americans to concern themselves with their own interests. Universal human self interest becomes “white privilege” in the fevered minds of Western civilization’s enemies. When Koreans want Korea to remain Korea and when they look after Korean interests, are they suffering from “yellow privilege”? Oh, I forgot, Leftists only apply their insane social diagnoses to white societies. At times, they give the Japanese a hard time, too. I guess that the Nips have been too successful to stay in the global flatteners’ good graces.

Moreover, as the historical populace and the contemporary majority, whites’ interests are the principles, customs, and legacy of traditional America, and this is the undeveloped and unrealized point behind the Tea Party’s “Main Street” rhetoric and appeal. Such cannot be said for the racial Marxists who want to remake America according to their desires, but precedence has never mattered to the Left. Palin and Bachmann attract conservatives because they are not ashamed of representing and of seeking to help traditional America. They repulse the anti-white, anti-bourgeois, anti-American Left for the same reason.

I hope that Bachmann shows herself ready and capable of leading the country. As Ezra Klein writes, “Put simply, Bachmann is the candidate Palin was supposed to be.” We may wish.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, June 24, Anno Domini 2011
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