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Wednesday, October 10, A.D. 2012
Our Orwellian Media

Last month, I happened to read Romney’s reaction to our government’s abject submission before Mohammedan terrorists. I was impressed; finally an American politician was stating the obvious and representing . . . America! Then, I saw the bizarro world reaction of the press. It was the first time that I actually admired Romney, and the media said that it was a blunder that could cost him the election.

Then, I saw the “infamous” video wherein Romney noted that a significant minority of the population would never vote for him because they have come to see themselves as entitled recipients of the welfare state. I thought that maybe Romney was not a unprincipled, empty suit business manager, after all. Maybe the man does have a hearty, coherent world view. Then came the media reaction about how Romney and the Republicans were callously indifferent to the poor, outrageous in their demands to dismantle federal safety nets, and anti-democratic (if only!). The situation reminded me again how men like me have become strangers in our own homeland.

Lastly, Romney frankly observed that the Israeli-Palestinian peace process was a sham. The pundits lost their minds; how “irresponsible” it was for an American presidential candidate to state what everyone knows to be the truth!

Auster names these phenomena well in “Our totally Orwellian media, and what the Republicans should say about it.” Auster moreover comments on Romney’s honesty about the “Middle East Peace Process”: “Romney’s shocking realism on the Israel-Palestinian issue.” Our fearless and beloved political commentator diagnoses the leftist mentality behind the media’s take on the campaign in “How a liberal journalist sees Obama.” Were Auster to be Fox’s chief political and cultural analyst! Wouldn’t it be grand if conservatives were really represented in the “national discussion” instead of the cowardly, hesitant liberals of the Republican establishment?

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, October 10, Anno Domini 2012
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