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Wednesday, February 13, A.D. 2013

I wish everyone who observes Ash Wednesday today a beneficial lenten season. (This year, Orthodox Pascha occurs five weeks after the Western observance. So, it will be some time before Lent begins for us.)

I also ask that you pray for the well-being and salvation of Lawrence Auster. You may know that his health has deteriorated over the last few months (see “A Prayer for Lawrence Auster” from last month). Yesterday evening, he shared very “Bad news on the Auster health front.” It is grim, though the man is displaying admirable equanimity.

I have read Auster’s site almost every day that I have had computer access since I discovered his page in A.D. 2008. The resulting post of that discovery, “Auster’s View from the Right,” was among this site’s early entries. Ever since, View from the Right has provided me many, many hours of enlightenment, entertainment, and even a form of comraderie. On a purely selfish level, I do not want to lose what Auster gives. For he is an irreplaceable treasure, and his readership, his commentators, and the extended network of traditionalists online who have become his friends (including the folks at The Orthosphere and The Thinking Housewife) are without equal on the internet.

Moreover, Auster’s posts have inspired a good deal of Arimathea’s entries. A search for “Auster” on this page yields ninety-eight results. Today’s post will be the ninety-ninth. I expected that number to rise for years to come. It certainly will, God willing, as Auster’s observations, insights, and humor will not be forgotten. I just want the corpus austeri to be ever growing. The Lord, though, may have other plans. Perhaps, Irving Kristol has made even the saints triumphant weary over the last few years, and Lawrence is just the man to set him straight! For the time, though, Irving can wait. We need Auster here. Nonetheless, I cannot complain, as I am grateful to have had the opportunity to read and to correspond with a remarkable man. Many blessings to him!

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, February 13, Anno Domini 2013
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