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Tuesday, October 30, A.D. 2012
Attack of the Killer Racist Peanuts

Last month, Jim Goad published “Attack of the Killer Racist Peanuts” in Taki’s Magazine. It concerns the recent entry of children with food allergies into the leftist sanctum of privileged victims. Sadly, Goad is not exaggerating; the anti-peanut Cheka has successfully infiltrated schools, youth programs, and the transportation industry. It is a matter of time before the all so delicate bastards criminalize handing out Reese Cups on Halloween.

Modern America, overflowing with estrogen and lacking in good sense, has gone bonkers. We expect such nonsense and overreaction. Why, however, have food allergies skyrocketed in the West? I have seen several theories, but I do not know to what extent they have credible evidence behind them. Is the sterile environment in which Western parents raise their children the cause for this new hypersensitivity? It seems that American society following the Second World War was rather obsessed with cleanliness; I had a German professor who once told me that our country smells like bleach. Yet, the number of children with food allergies appears to have exploded only in the last two decades. The same holds true for dietary causes. As a society, we have eaten similarly since the 1960’s, right?

I do not know the reason, but I wonder if it results from the contemporary tendency toward hypochondria and overtreatment due to liability concerns. If a child exhibited a mild reaction to a certain food decades ago, perhaps parents simply continued to serve such food until the child adapted to it, whereas now a child with such a reaction will not ingest the food again and never gets used to it. Moreover, true to the spirit of the age, the rest of society must accommodate the minority’s special state, even if that means peanut free flights, peanut free lunchrooms, and hysterical, womanish reactions to a traditional staple of the American diet.

If human beings were as weak as we are held to be by our elite ninnies, we would have never made it off the savannah—or even on it.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, October 30, Anno Domini 2012
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