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Monday, July 20, A.D. 2009
Apollo 11

Forty years ago, fellow Ohioan Neil Armstrong of the Apollo 11 mission stepped onto the moon, marking a new stage in human exploration.

Here is N.B.C.‘s Time & Again episode on Apollo 11:

There are many views about space exploration, its costs, and its consequences. However, I still find the space race of the 60’s rather spectacular. In such a short time, Russians and Americans achieved so many milestones of mankind’s embarking upon the great black sea.

So, here’s a cheer for Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin, and all the scientists, engineers, politicians (especially President Kennedy), support staff, and others who made the moon landing possible (from the ancient mathematicians and physicists to the grunts who poured coffee at the Mission Control Center in Houston). Though not a Cartesian and admittedly somewhat of a Luddite, I celebrate the amazing feat accomplished four decades ago. Indeed, a giant leap for mankind . . .

Posted by Joseph on Monday, July 20, Anno Domini 2009
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