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Friday, June 25, A.D. 2010
Another Evil in Micromanaging Children

I wonder what relations exist between utopian socialists and micromanaging parents. Both sets exhibit many similar tendencies, including being busy bodies, believing that nature can be perfected (or at least conform to our wishes) with the appropriate techniques, and pretending to have a special wisdom to make all the right decisions.

Now, the New York Times tells us that some institutions have policies that discourage the development of best friends: “A Best Friend? You Must Be Kidding.” Evidently, best friends are exclusionary and may lead to social problems.

This is wrong on so many levels. It is bad enough to suffocate children with so much adult control, but it is evil to subject them to social engineering based on idiotic ideals that robs them of the treasure of their own humanity. The Puritans and their heretical peers banned Christmas and festival celebrations because such merrymaking endangered their antinatural regime. Now, egalitarians and socialist pedagogues wish to ban intimate friendships because such relationships are obstacles to the Borg like humanity that these twisted souls envision?

I ought not to be surprised when I learn of new evils that leftist principles spawn. A sick tree bears diseased fruit. Yet, the ceaseless generation of madness angers me. This modernist folly leads to so much ruin. Tyrannical leftists are not content to destroy the state as a whole. They wish to infect with their perversion every family, every neighborhood, and every child’s experience with the world. May hellfire consume their wickedness!

Yet, how has it come to this? How can illogic, misplaced principles, and an unwillingness to accept the world as it is go so far in transforming a civilization?

My misogynistic streak suspects that the “empowerment” of women has been quite beneficial to the Left, in that useful idiot sort of way. Female suffrage tends to force the state to act like a nanny, and politicians under female pressure transform the commonwealth into a tyrannical mother who both suckles and scolds a populace that used to be free and self reliant. Women seem less able to appreciate the differences in personal and public morality, and they are not well constituted to recognize the distinctions between private interest and the common good. It seems as if women collapse the various political levels of life into one horizon, like the Marxists who manipulate them, “for the children.” Women are made by nature to steer the private ship. They wreck the ship of state.

That said, women should know better than to buy into the perverse micromanaging infantilizing that render their own children perennially immature and bewildered when they have to face life on their own. After all, women have been raising generations for millennia, and only recently has a small minority of Western women decided to indulge their own maternal version of the Pygmalion complex. How have these women been duped—and in such a way that goes against their own self interest in that they do not have enough time to sculpt the perfect life for their children and that goes against their children’s interest as one can see by the sorry results of such parenting? Do women wish to conform more to the standards that leftist “authorities” have established? Are they more Mandarin and obedient by nature? Is their herd instinct stronger, so that Dr. Spock, Oprah, and daytime television have managed to rewrite their parental instincts in a matter of decades? Shouldn’t the stubborn, recalcitrant horse sense of the average woman have thwarted the micromanagers of the state from rendering women micromanagers of their children?

Is it simply that women have fewer children today and therefore are more anxious over their small broods to such an extant that they will turn, in their unnatural situation so perilously close to genetic extinction, to “wiser authorities”? Is it the mass culture that subjects women to a gossip circle, not of their neighbors, but of an artificial culture created and controlled by counter cultural idealogues? Or is it simply that women have gone it alone without—or have been abandoned by—their men and thus attempt to steer the domestic boat with oars only on one side?

I do not know. However, I do know that the new pedagogy is forming ill trained youth, and our civilization will be overrun by the barbarians from within if not from without.

No close friendships? May mothers resist such perverse encroachment upon their parenting, and may they not allow such evil to touch their children! Indeed, may they overthrow the leftist institutions that seek to mold their children to be inhuman little shades of watered down Kantian morality!

Posted by Joseph on Friday, June 25, Anno Domini 2010
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