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Wednesday, February 16, A.D. 2011
An Icon in the Church of the Poison Mind

A few weeks ago, my friend Andrew sent me one of the weirdest “God Stuff” news stories that I have seen: “It’s a miracle: Boy George returns 300-year-old stolen picture of Christ after bishop spots it on star’s wall while watching TV.” It is not that strange that George O’Dowd would have an icon of the Lord in his house. After all, he formed the group Jesus Loves You after the Culture Club disbanded. His parents were also Irish immigrants, and it is hard to breed piety out of those micks; consider the Kennedys. Moreover, O’Dowd probably appreciates the gospel in a New Agey sort of way.

The remarkable thing is that a Cypriot bishop was watching a human interest story about Boy George—and with such interest as to notice the stolen icon. I suppose that we all have our quirky pastimes. Still, it’s a funny story, and the article’s group photograph induces grinning.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, February 16, Anno Domini 2011
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