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Friday, March 13, A.D. 2009
Amy’s Foods

If you are interested in vegan food and you do not have the time or the will to make dishes from scratch, I recommend that you try Amy’s brand of foods. Amy’s makes a wide selection of packaged foods, from frozen meals to cans of soup. I especially like Amy’s soups because I love soup and because it is hard to find soup without animal stock. If you can stomach eating victuals loved by insane smelly Leftists—and there is not much of a choice if you are a vegetarian—then you might as well enjoy some good food. The family owned business makes products that are vegetarian, organic, and created with Jewish Zen love in California.

By the way, the “Amy” name comes from the owners’ daughter, who was born along with the company.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, March 13, Anno Domini 2009
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