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Monday, November 17, A.D. 2008
All Apologies

Last week in the Old Graying Whore, Henry Alford’s “All Apologies” spoke for everyone who is concerned about the dismal etiquette of contemporary American society. It is an entertaining read, and I empathize with the fellow. Given the bell curve in human populations, I do not expect everyone whom I meet to be intelligent, interesting, and virtuous. However, the vast majority of people are capable of standard politeness and the necessary button-pushing competence to accomplish the jobs for which they were hired. Why is it that so many fail the minimal requirements? More importantly, why is it that we tolerate such behavior?

For more laughs in the critical vein, I should mention Florence King, who may be one of the most witty wenches in American history. Unfortunately, I cannot find any centralized archive for her writings, but the National Review Online has a small selection available.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, November 17, Anno Domini 2008
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