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Thursday, November 15, A.D. 2012
A New Conservatism

Last week, the Austerites commiserated in the seal of republic’s destruction. Auster comments upon an essay by Daren Jonescu on American Thinker that refuses to indulge in the standard conservative American wishful thinking tripe; the American republic of the Republican imagination no longer exists. Conservatives cannot win much political power in our current society. Instead of becoming leftist lite in the hope of getting elected, conservatives should rather focus on the war of ideas. Instead of Rovian tactics and compromises, we should testify to the verity of the permanent things. Auster calls for this new conservatism—a conservatism of truth. Commentator James P. then offers powerful words from Solzhenitsyn’s “Live Not by Lies.” It is sage advice.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, November 15, Anno Domini 2012
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