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Monday, December 31, A.D. 2012
Beautiful Pollinators

It is the last day of A.D. 2012. Let us hope that we find A.D. 2013 better! Still, we should be grateful for life and for all God’s blessings.

Although it is winter, I offer the following video as a sign of my gratitude to the Lord for the world’s great wonders. Here is “The Hidden Beauty of Pollination” by Louie Schwartzberg. The beginning is Schwartzberg’s lecture, but stay tuned for some incredible footage of bees, birds,  bats, and butterflies.

Deo gratias!

Posted by Joseph on Monday, December 31, Anno Domini 2012
Wednesday, May 11, A.D. 2011
Tsunamic Destruction

The earthquake that devastated the northeastern shore of Japan occurred two months ago, and thousands of people continue to rebuild their lives after the destruction. The 24/7 circuit of short attention span media forgets what happened yesterday, not to mention March. Let us keep the Japanese in our prayers.

More footage of the resulting tidal waves has been uploaded over the past two months, and some folks have criticized the videos as natural disaster porn. I do not think that such is fair. It is normal for us to find the terrible forces of nature interesting, and the magnitude of the destruction in Japan is undeniably captivating. Apocalyptic themes have always captured the human imagination.

C.B.S. News also features a shocking but instructive video of the tidal wave’s nature as a port town floods.

It is easy to ignore that the events shown involve widespread death. I am reminded of Tucholsky: “Der Tod eines Menschen: das ist eine Katastrophe. Hunderttausend Tote: das ist eine Statistik!” At a certain level, the mind just disassociates information from normal emotional responses.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, May 11, Anno Domini 2011
Thursday, April 28, A.D. 2011
Mundus Pulcher

Happy Bright Thursday! Christ is risen!

Last May, I mentioned the Nature Conservancy’s photography contest in “A Glimpse of Pan.” You may see the past year’s winning shots here. The one for which I voted did not win this year, either, though it was a finalist—Jan Maguire’s capture of Yosemite Valley:

I voted for Yosemite two years in a row without realizing it. I suppose that I ought to visit. The place speaks to my heart.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, April 28, Anno Domini 2011
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