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Thursday, November 27, A.D. 2014

I hope that you have a blessed day on this favorite American holiday. As a first course, I present this video from The Nantucket Project—“Gratitude” with Louie Schwartzberg:

The commentary is worth hearing, but the footage of this world’s mighty spectacle will delight you.

In yesterday’s Trinity Forum newsletter, Cherie Harder quotes a fitting passage from C.S. Lewis:

The most obvious fact about praise – whether of God or anything – strangely escaped me… I think we delight to praise what we enjoy because the praise not merely expresses but completes the enjoyment; it is its appointed consummation. It is not out of compliment that lovers keep on telling one another how beautiful they are; the delight is incomplete till it is expressed… This is so even when our expressions are inadequate, as of course they usually are. But how if one could really and fully praise even such things to perfection – utterly “get out” in poetry or music or paint the upsurge of appreciation which almost bursts you? Then indeed the object would be fully appreciated and our delight would have attained perfect development. The worthier the object the more intense this delight would be… The Scotch catechism says that man’s chief end is “to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” But we shall then know that these are the same thing. Fully to enjoy is to glorify. In commanding us to glorify Him, God is inviting us to enjoy Him.

As Lewis notes, the Westminster Shorter Catechism’s first point is, “Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.” Even Scottish Calvinists can come up with beautiful insights now and then.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, November 27, Anno Domini 2014
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