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Monday, November 28, A.D. 2011
Electronic Cowboy

I offer you this charming video to which Auster linked that will brighten your day. Watch cattle follow the lead of a remote controlled toy:

Being a greenhorn, I have never actually seen cattle herding in action. I wonder what sort of cattle behavior the fellow who made this video was exploiting or how he habituated the cattle to respond to the toy.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, November 28, Anno Domini 2011
Monday, November 21, A.D. 2011
Biblical Zoo

Given my love of all God’s critters—well, minus cockroaches, mosquitoes, and houseflies—I thought that it would be good to visit Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo while in Israel. There is so much to do in the Holy Land that I wondered if it was worth visiting a zoo, given time restraints. However, I have visited zoos in Canada, Russia, Austria, France, Britain, and Germany; I simply like zoos. Moreover, Jerusalem’s zoo focuses on fauna mentioned in the scriptures. And it has an ark!

Posted by Joseph on Monday, November 21, Anno Domini 2011
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