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Tuesday, August 24, A.D. 2010
Rest in Peace, Star Hustler

While I was touring Yooperland with my family, the iconic Jack Horkheimer—the Star Hustler—died at the young age of seventy-two last Friday. I grew up watching Horkheimer on P.B.S., and I am saddened to see him go. He was a unique character, and he provided a fine service. I just learnt that the Star Hustler became the Star Gazer in the internet age in order to avoid confusingly awkward searches. I wonder if Horkheimer got a kick out of that. Memory eternal!

Here is the Star Hustler from A.D. 1985:

Keep looking up!

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, August 24, Anno Domini 2010
Wednesday, August 11, A.D. 2010
Treadmill Cats

I wonder if one has to have had experience with pets to appreciate pet videos. I think that videos that feature amusing animal behaviors and reactions are quite entertaining, but I wonder how universal such appreciation is. Maybe some background is required. I am not sure. Well, for those with ears to hear and eyes to see, enjoy this lovely pet video:

Wait for 2:13. Cats . . .

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, August 11, Anno Domini 2010
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