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Saturday, May 30, A.D. 2009
Robyn Rhudy

The internet affords us the opportunity to catch a glimpse of extraordinary people whom we might not otherwise know. One such fascinating person is Robyn Rhudy, a Maryland chemist who would have been a great wife for Noah. She maintains a massive and informative site,, which offers a lot of practical advice about ponds and backyard wildlife. I highly recommend that you visit her pages.

Posted by Joseph on Saturday, May 30, Anno Domini 2009
Sunday, May 24, A.D. 2009
Dave’s Garden

I have come to enjoy gardening immensely. Indeed, my fantasy life would be one of a wealthy farmer. I would not like to farm from necessity; that is a hard life that would preclude me from running a farm in my ideal way. A state just a crop away from penury would not allow me to let old dairy cow Bessie to grow old in the fields in peace. Economics would force me to sell the old gal down the river. Necessity is cruel.

However, I love to help things grow. Planting, cultivating, and enjoying the splendor of nature—it is very satisfying. It is also much easier than craftsmanship. With the arts, you and your skill are on your own. With gardening, nature meets you more than halfway. Living beings survive and adapt; if you follow the general directions for a plant, it almost always flourishes.

I find a metaphysical sort of solace in gardening. On my little patch of earth, I can foster order and rectify wrongs. I can make a little oasis for the birds and bugs in the midst of human sprawl. Like Adam in Eden, I can step up to the role of steward, and I find the job endlessly rewarding.

The internet makes having a green thumb easy. There is so much information about every conceivable gardening topic. One site that I recommend is Dave’s Garden, which provides a forum for plant lovers. However, there are thousands of useful sites. Dig, plant, weed, water, prune, and thank God for the earth and for all that grows therein.

Posted by Joseph on Sunday, May 24, Anno Domini 2009
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