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Thursday, January 26, A.D. 2017
Run, Lindsey, Run!

The Onion has a delightful story quite fitting for the Anfangstrumpenkrieg: “Lindsey Graham Cowers behind Tree Trunk As Trump’s Hunting Dogs Close in.” It made me smile.

It has been a fun week. I had hoped for better, of course. The New York Times building still stands, and Cameron Diaz remains at large, but we must be patient. Politics is the art of the possible, after all. It’s still early in den Ersten hundert Tagen.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, January 26, Anno Domini 2017
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Wednesday, May 18, A.D. 2016
Dugin on the Election

Bonald from Throne and Altar recently reviewed The Fourth Political Theory by Alexander Dugin. He notes how Dugin adopts postmodern stances to advance his argument, which seems common among Russians. I wonder whether they are sincere or whether they are pulling the Left’s chain. Anyway, Bonald’s article reminded me of a video that I watched a few months ago. In March, I sent the link to my friend Andrew with the description:

Better than SNL; sublime at times (2:41 - 3:20 has some golden lines if you can’t watch the whole thing).
We live in a weird, weird time. I’m waiting to see President Camacho’s State of the Union on C-SPAN.


Comic genius—perhaps better than Colbert at his best—but is it intentionally so?

By the way, if you are woefully ignorant of President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, you really ought to watch Idiocracy. Here is the aforementioned State of the Union (rated R)—five hundred years in America’s dysgenic future:

Interestingly, the YouTube video is followed by one that compares Camacho to the Trumpenführer. We are all sharing a mass psychosis.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, May 18, Anno Domini 2016
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Monday, May 16, A.D. 2016
Perfect Commentary on #NeverTrump

My mother sent me a link to the following video, which aptly illustrates the response of Ted Cruz et alia to the Republican primary results this spring:

In the video, a toddler throws a hissy fit because her new little sister has displaced her as the centrum mundi.

I am not a populist. Even as a child, I instinctively favored the optimates over the populares when I read that chapter in Roman history. Nevertheless, I am no fan of the contemporary elite, as noted in “The Undefended City.” These “silk-robed sons of bitches” provide a cracked window through which I am beginning to understand the rage that peasants and proles have often felt toward their social betters. For our unworthy elites seem willing to let everything around them fall to ruin in order to squeeze one more advantage for themselves from the body politic in its death throes. The work of generations is gladly sacrificed for a bit more luxury, power, and status. Despicable. I do not have high hopes for a Trump administration (put not your trust in princes), but I do have reasonable expectations that Donald the Disrupter will complicate the game for some (and he has already). Didn’t the Normans have a saying like, “He destroys well who builds better”? That is not a high bar for someone who engages our current regime.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, May 16, Anno Domini 2016
Wednesday, April 6, A.D. 2016
Junta in Havana

Yesterday, I shared my comment from the Orthosphere in “Mark’s Epistle to the Romans,” in which I compared Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill. As a follow-up, I wish to commemorate the two religious leaders’ historic meeting earlier this year in Havana’s airport:

Not even prelates can resist that wonderful aroma!

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, April 6, Anno Domini 2016
Friday, April 1, A.D. 2016
The Garden Party

Peaceful Valley Farm has produced an election year campaign ad for the Garden Party, “Make America Organic Again”:

Not bad, though I would have added some raucous “Biennial Lives Matter” agitators—follow the movement at #2Years2Slave.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, April 1, Anno Domini 2016
Wednesday, March 23, A.D. 2016
Sea Lions for Justice

Some needed comic relief:

Every time that I see this, I cannot help but grin widely.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, March 23, Anno Domini 2016
Friday, March 11, A.D. 2016
Last Minute Indulgence

I hope that Orthodox readers are enjoying Maslenitsa. Great Lent begins on Clean Monday, and I wish you a beneficial fast. For this last pre-lenten post, I offer some sacrilicious humor:

The cartoon really isn’t that much of an exaggeration. One would think that Orthodox Lent lasted longer than a mere forty-nine days. Why forty-nine days instead of forty? See “Why Clean Monday?” for a short answer.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, March 11, Anno Domini 2016
Thursday, February 25, A.D. 2016
Differentiated Instruction

School humor continues today with a “Differentiated Instruction” xtra normal video by Teachbad:

The video has some great lines, which are, it pains me to admit, not very exaggerated . . . with echoes of Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences. So what if we already have clear and sensible terms like gregarious, creative, empathetic, and so on to describe various human personality assets? I certainly agree with the criticism of cookie cutter education; people do have divers gifts and respond differently to various pedagogical methods. Yet, the American educational establishment corrupts this insight by using it to bolster its fanatical commitment to human equality. As such, everyone gets to be intelligent. I suppose that we can also be cerebrally athletic or conceptually social. Egalitarianism should embarrass its adherents.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, February 25, Anno Domini 2016
Wednesday, February 24, A.D. 2016
Modern Educayshun

Below is a short film by Neel Kolhatkar, Modern Educayshun:

The resistance will continue to spread. Vive l’art! Vive la raison!

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, February 24, Anno Domini 2016
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Wednesday, February 17, A.D. 2016
The TRS Lexicon

Yesterday, I noted Hannibal Bateman’s interview with the Duck, “A Canard of a Crusade.” During their discussion, Bateman mentions Mencius Moldbug’s term, the “Cathedral,” which some rightwingers use to name the general establishment in government, business, the media, organized religion, education, and the non-profit world. I have always hated that term; it rides the semantic coattails of The Da Vinci Code flavored slander against Christendom. Bateman asks:

How do you see the role of the sort of petty media mandarins we see on social media, from the journalists to various other functionaries? As mere “Outer Party” members disseminating the Cathedral (or Synagogue if you prefer) line or do you think they actually have a more central role to the hegemonic narrative they support?

I grinned at the “synagogue” remark, but it remains unfair. The “kakistocracy” is more fitting, but it is quite cacophonous, perhaps appropriately. Anyway, I followed the synagogue link to “The TRS Lexicon” (rated R), where I found something akin to The Devil’s Dictionary, but for the trashy, irreverent “alt-Right” (not that there’s anything wrong with that). The page defines “synagogue” as follows:

The ruling caste of the Western world. The men who mold the narrative and direct the society’s “progress.” Named for its over-representation of Merchant, as well as a means to criticize Mencius Moldbug, half-Merchant blogger who chooses to use “Cathedral” as a means to describe the same concept.

Thus, the entry implies that Moldbug’s terminology betrays that old, recidivist Jewish antipathy to Christian civilization. Perhaps—or perhaps it has to do with Moldbug’s fascination with the Age of Hobbes and its overturning the previous order. (I’ll offer my best interpretation of Moldbug’s choice tomorrow.) Regardless, the lexicon contains some interesting bits:

AUTISTE: An Autistic person who has elevated their place on the spectrum to a work of art.

BPLSWPL: “Black People Like Stuff White People Like.” A Black SWPL. A liberal, white presenting Black hipster douchebag. Pronounced “BippleSwipple.” See: SWPL

I never thought to pronounce SWPL as “swipple.” I shall henceforth incorporate the pronunciation into my manner of speech.

DILDOLECTIC: Two forces divorced from the common man are made interesting through over-emotional and vapid media attention. The stupid conflict results in stupid resolution, which advances no social cause beyond more absurd and vulgar materialism, more dildos.

DINDU NUFFINS: An obviously guilty black man. See: Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin. A phonetic spelling of what it sounds like when a Basketball American attempts to say the phrase “He didn’t do nothing!” Sometimes shortened to simply “Dindu.”

LIBERTARIANS: People who want to be left alone to smoke their bongs and **** their My Little Pony sex dolls, and occasionally talk about economics.

MALICIOUS COMPLIANCE: The art of obeying the letter of the law in such a way as to increase the torment of those responsible for writing or enforcing it.

9/11: Never forget! The anniversary of Pinochet’s glorious physical removal of Communist rule in Chile. Gracias, mi General.

OVENWORTHY: Anything that would be substantially improved by immediate incineration.

SWPL-DOWN ECONOMICS: The idea that, thanks to modern society’s material abundance, high-brow SWPL preferences become affordable, accessible, and trendy to the greater mass. *Example: Wal-Mart selling organic produce.*

“Dindu Nuffin” is a perfect expression. As for shamelessly naughty ethno-neologisms, my favorite one remains an Urban Dictionary entry for “jiggobaggan” (long since deleted), for which the provided example was “as seen in Cool Runnings.”

Overall, these alt-right sites provide pleasant FTT moments (think “taboo”), but everyone is always hatin’ on the Jews. Several of the other entries are variations of “LIQUID JEW: Alcohol.” I get the anger, but it really saddens me—and not only because I would likely be considered ovenworthy.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, February 17, Anno Domini 2016
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